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Pfalz D.VIII

This is Mikael’s latest project.

The Pfalz D.VIII was designed near the end of WW I to be the ultimate fighter aircraft. A light wooden airframe built around the huge 11-cylinder, 19 liter and 200 hp Siemens-Halske Sh.III geared rotary resulted in spectacular performance. 120 examples were ordered by Idflieg, with a small number entering service prior to the end of the war.

Mikael’s reproduction is of course powered by an original engine and the construction is – as always – as true to the original as can possibly be.

The maiden flight was performed on May 30th 2020.

Wing span: 7.5 m
Length: 5.65 m
Height: 2.85 m
Empty weight: 560 kg
Engine: Siemens-Halske Sh.III geared rotary, 200 hp
Cruise speed: 90 kts

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